Homeschool Pro Tip: Be a Mentor, Not a "Teacher.”

Your child doesn't need a teacher.

She needs you to join the journey. Acknowledge that your role is to be a mentor, guide, or facilitator. Without this shift in mindset, it is easy to get trapped in a spiral of insecurity.

Try to think of yourself more as a mentor to your child - that “educational consultant” who is available to provide resources and allow opportunities to visit interesting places in the world. 

You are not going to directly feed her mind with knowledge.

You are a protector of your child's natural inclination to learn.

Your child knows what to do already! She is programmed biologically to be interested in life and new skills and to explore.

Your job is to scaffold her education not based on what she is "supposed to be" learning but by celebrating her current strengths and helping to nurture what you see as yet undeveloped.

This may sound funny, but the hard part about homeschooling is not finding the right curriculum or planning or finding resources - it's tuning into your child and allowing the development to unfold while you observe and offer support.

Let her lead.

Push aside your own worries and insecurities. You were meant to be your child’s mentor

Psst: that’s what a real teacher is!

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