A Reminder: Observe Your Child

Try to notice the little things. It's hard to do as parents, busy as we are with making sure the household is kept in order, siblings are getting along, little people who cling to our legs so often that we cry for just a moment alone.

We take it wherever we can get it - that first sip of coffee in the morning before the children wake, in the car turning up the radio loud enough to drown out any whining, even in the bathroom with the door closed. Sometimes we just want to scream because we need the space!

All of this is natural. But I want to take tiny bit of time to give you a Montessori reminder. In order for the household to run smoothly, to bring peace to the sibling fights, to get that much-needed moment of privacy, we need to be tuned into our children's interests and abilities right at that moment.

It might feel silly, but in today's video I give you one goal. Just watch. Take notice. Watch the video below or click here.