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Welcome to Montessori 101! We serve the Montessori community by providing a place for parents and teachers around the world to discuss how Montessori philosophy can be used both in the home and in the classroom. We take a special interest in empowering parents, and we hope to inspire a new generation of Montessori teachers.

We appreciate all the Montessori blogging world has to offer, as well as small (and large) Montessori businesses. As bloggers ourselves we know how rich and helpful this online community can be! We look forward to enriching that community with you.

Please check out the general group guidelines in addition to these written just for you.

Here are a few things we ask of you:

  1. You may post your Montessori-relevant direct blog links on our weekly blog post thread. The post goes up every Monday and stays open for a week. The comments are then closed, so the post remains visible, and a new thread is started. Search #101blogs or find that here.

  2. In addition to sharing your blog links in the weekly thread, you may also share them on our Montessori 101 Facebook page. Select articles will be featured by the Admins in the main feed of the group and on the 101 Page.

  3. Add a link to your blog in our resources album!

  4. No advertising or soliciting business. No promoting products, services, or social media pages/groups. No affiliate links.

  5. Comment and engage elsewhere in the group and encourage and participate in discussion. Membership status for those who link-drop for promotion and contribute nothing else will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We LOVE having bloggers here with us, as *participating* members of our group.

  6. As an active contributor to discussions in our group, you may link blog posts in the comments of threads, answering a question from the OP or another commenter. The post absolutely must be both Montessori-relevant and specifically relevant to topic of discussion.

  7. We no longer allow bloggers or business owners to link directly to the main feed, via link, photo, Facebook post, or otherwise.

  8. Post from your URL (that’s www. or http://), NOT your FB page.

  9. Sharing watermarked photos that direct people to your blog or business are not allowed.

All posts and/or comments that are not applicable to the Montessori method or that seem "spammy" will be deleted at the discretion of the admins. With such a large group, we reserve the right to do this. We promise to use this privilege wisely and with the best interest of the group in mind.

Know what we really, really love in 101? Free advice and information about Montessori with no strings attached. As long as we are centered on *Montessori*, we welcome you with open arms. Please, please feel free to post your content in our weekly thread. :)

Thank you! If you’re new to 101, we are looking forward to getting to know you and your blogs!

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