Three Books To Help Teach How to Hug

Need to help a little one learn the right way to hug? Here are three books that can help.

How Do You Hug a Porcupine?

This simple story follows a child imagining how to hug different animals but perplexed when it comes to hugging such a prickly creature. "Can you hug a horse? Of course! But how DO you hug a porcupine?"

The answer turns out to be just exactly the gentle mindset you want to encourage in your child. It's the kind of book you'll happily read over and over. The writing is linguistically appealing; the rhymes actually rhyme (too rare in children's literature).

Time For a Hug

This sweet story encourages you to give your child a hug after every page! It gives great opportunities for practicing using a gentle touch. Walk with Little Bunny and Mama through their day and hug along with them. After every activity they do together, they take a little break to reconnect emotionally. It's 10:00! Time for a hug!

Hug, Hug!

All creatures great and small like to give hugs -- at least according to this delightful board book. As you see how each creature hugs, pretend you're the creatures and each other a hug. Follow-up by talking about modeling how to hug in different ways. For example:

When we hug Great Grandma, we do it like this (gentle). When we hug Uncle, we do it like this (bear hug).


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