Montessori 101 Community Guidelines

In the words of Maria Montessori, "Of all things, love is the most potent."

To help our community stay positive, helpful, and focused on its mission, we ask all members to abide by our group guidelines.

Our Guidelines

  1. Grace and Courtesy

    Wespeak with grace and courtesy. We encourage and listen, rather than criticize and attack. We are peaceful and professional in our interactions.

Hate speech
Culturally insensitive comments
Intimidation or harassment
Name-calling or profanity
Lashing out/Fighting/Bickering
Inflammatory comments or GIFs
Arguing with an admin or moderator
Using angry or sad emojis to cause emotional pain

Respectful discourse
Peaceful conflict resolution
Asking questions to clarify
Communicating your own point of view in words in the comments

2. All posts must be specifically and obviously Montessori-focused in nature.

The word Montessori should be included in every post you submit to our group. If sharing an article, please write an intro with your thoughts and make group relevance clear.

3. No spam, advertising or soliciting (for yourself or a friend), buy/sell/trade, link dropping, or promoting products, services, requesting funding, or social media pages/groups, via link, image, casual mention, private message, or otherwise.

Admins reserve the right to post affiliate links, articles, course offerings, consultations, and mentoring that may be helpful to the 101 community. Members found soliciting other members within the group or through private message will be banned.

4. Politically, culturally, racially, gender-stereotyped, and otherwise insensitive or discriminatory comments/debates are not welcome here.

We are a global forum with a diverse population, and naturally we will have differences in opinions based on our own experiences and worldview. However, we strive to make sure that everyone feels welcome in our group. Note that photos and recommendations of play tent tipis are not allowed in our group (please read our statement on this policy). We request that you use gender-inclusive language such as “Montessori friends” or “parents and teachers” or “everyone” rather than “moms/mamas”.

5. We recognize that the way Montessori philosophy is implemented in the home as opposed to the classroom is inherently different.

We respect all of our educators and parents, no matter their background or certification. We strive to make Montessori accessible and affordable for all.

6. Non-negotiables - Medical or religious advice; Rewards and punishments; Behavior charts; Spanking; Screen time for under 3’s; and CIO sleep training.

These are misaligned with our group focus on Montessori. We will, however, share our own stories and offer words of encouragement that are in line with Maria Montessori's theories.

7. We do not allow app, TV show/movie/video, or other technology suggestions/recommendations for ANY age group.

Philosophical discussions about appropriate use of technology from a Montessori perspective are welcome.

8. We believe that everyone has the right to digital privacy.

We will not share photos or information about our members unless we obtain permission. In addition, we will not post photos in this group that do not belong to us without attribution (link directly to the url source!).

9. We LOVE pictures of children working, but remember that in all photos/videos posted, children's privates must be covered or unexposed.

10. Posts and or comments that violate these guidelines will be redirected or deleted at the discretion of the 101 Moderator Team. Members who block or show hostility toward any of the group moderators community as a whole will be immediately exited from the group. Members who continue to engage in arguments when asked by a moderator to stop will be muted. We promise to use this privilege wisely and with the best interest of the group in mind.

11. Bloggers ARE welcome in 101, but must follow our special Blogger guidelines. Before posting, please read our Guidelines for Bloggers.

12. As a global group, this not the place to ask for local Montessori school/co-op/group recommendations or list a job posting. Our focus is on the larger vision of Montessori education: “The unknown energy that can help humanity is that which lies hidden in the child.” - Maria Montessori

examples of a good post

Some examples of posts that clearly fit our guidelines:

  • Asking for Montessori advice on a parenting issue

  • Sharing a photo or video of a Montessori-inspired activity (like cooking, cleaning, or learning about animals!)

  • Sharing an article about some aspect of Montessori (with an intro written by you at the top

Some examples of posts that do NOT fit our guidelines:

  • Link dropping from your FB page or website

  • Ranting/complaining about your child's teacher/school

  • Sharing a video of your child doing an activity that is not Montessori specific (like teaching your baby to read or us an iPad)

  • Asking for recommendations for a specific location

  • Asking for general parenting advice, not Montessori advice.

Post approval process

As of Sept. 26, 2017, we have changed our settings to Admin/Moderator approval for all postings because we adding a new and dedicated team of moderators. This may cause a brief delay in your post appearing in the feed. However, we feel that it benefits our group by keeping the spam out of your newsfeeds and making sure posts are clearly relevant to Montessori families.

To make it easy for us to distinguish spam from your (meaningful Montessori) posts, make sure to mention "Montessori" or "Montessori perspective" in the post itself. In our group, we can definitely talk about parenting issues - but we always want to make sure they are Montessori related.

If your post is not approved within 24 hours, please take a closer look at our guidelines and try again!

how to report Violations

If you see that any of these rules/guidelines are being violated, please click on the right hand corner of the post and "Report to Admin." This will red flag the post to your Moderator Team. This is the fastest and easiest way to get support in the group.

You may also contact us through the Montessori 101 Facebook Page with comments, questions, or information about moderation that is currently needed.

Thank You!

FINALLY, a huge THANK YOU to all of you helping to make Montessori 101 a supportive community! We appreciate all of the parents and teachers who have taken their precious time to volunteer in our group answering questions, sharing quotes by Dr. Montessori, and helping to deepen the conversations. We can’t do this without you. Your advocacy work matters!

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