History of the Group

Aubrey Hargis, Founder and Co-Admin

Aubrey Hargis, Founder and Co-Admin

I remember the moment I pushed the "Create Group" button on Facebook.

It was December 2013, mere days before the new year. My mom was chopping onions or other veggies for dinner, and I sat with my laptop on the counter.

My young children were in the living room reading stories with their grandfather, "Papa," while mom and I chatted. We were visiting for the holidays.

I remember telling her that I was adding her to something on Facebook, and she agreed happily, even though she wasn't sure what it was.

I added some of my friends, like Nicole Kavanaugh, who also joined that first day, and a few of the Montessori teachers I knew, too.

And then from there, Montessori 101 took off like wildfire.

We've discussed SO MUCH since that time, and every day, you all continue to humble me with your knowledge of Montessori, your devotion to the method, and your respect for children. We create a welcoming voice for Montessori - to inspire new teachers, like my friend Amy, who joined and then agreed to help me admin within that first year. Amy now has her AMI 3-6 certificate!

And she's not the only one! So many of you have used this forum to learn, support, and grow with one another as you study Maria Montessori's work and apply it to the modern world.

Parents, you are the backbone of this community. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your wisdom, and sometimes your prayers with us. Thank you for reaching out with your hearts to help others who are insecure, who are unsure, or concerned. Thank you for celebrating your joys with us. We have watched babies grow up into preschoolers and preschoolers become confident elementary-age children.

That chilly December day seems like only yesterday. Whether you’ve been with us since day one or you’re just now dipping your toe into the Montessori 101 waters, you are and will always be welcome here!

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