Can Montessori Change Your Life?

When you see a puddle on the ground, do you look inside it? You may find a new perspective on the world. So it is with Montessori. There's seeing the child. And then there's seeing the child.

We begin here:

"The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind." - Maria Montessori

All of life can be viewed through the Montessori lens, and the philosophy encompasses all of human life - from conception through death, we are reaching to better ourselves, to reach a state of peace and gratitude in all we do. To find a future without need for violence of any kind - and it is through the child that we can see our collective potential as humans. We are all one.

The beginning of life....the newborn. We fill our hearts with love and seek to see him for not just who he is but who he will become. The child who shows an act of defiance during the preschool years is trying to tell us something very, very important! If only we can take the time to listen! The elementary child's ability to devour facts - as many as he can cram - and the wild imaginations of the fantastic that do not (yet) exist shows our insatiability for studying our own history and looking directly into the impossible. The turbulence of adolescence strikes fear into our hearts - and yet that very recklessness we find unnerving propels us toward innovation.

Through the child, we see ourselves, and inside our hearts, we can view the entire universe.

Yes, "doing Montessori" has changed the look of my home. Probably in minor ways, like how I lined my kitchen drawers with red felt to bring out the shine of our steel utensils, and how I always double check to see if the stool is still in our bathroom so that my five year old can reach the sink. It has changed my home, no doubt. But I find it has changed my spirit that much more.

Making Montessori mischief first is a bit of simple fun, but it quickly becomes something much more serious, and if you stay with it long enough, it can literally change the way you view everything! Do me a favor, my friends. Look inside the puddle and tell me what you really see.