Resources for Educating Oneself about Peace, Social Justice, Inclusiveness, Cultural Appropriation, Ethics as a Montessorian

As Montessorians, parents, teachers, and caregivers of young children, we look toward our children as a “hope and a promise” for the future of humanity. We know, as Maria Montessori did, that in order to aid a new generation of respectful, kind, culturally sensitive adults, we must begin with an introspection of our own belief systems and experiences as they relate to the experiences and belief systems of others.

“We live, in short, in a state of moral paralysis, in dark and suffocating shadows, and we often allow ourselves collectively to be carried away by statements that feed our illusions.... Moral chaos in fact is nothing but one side of the coin of our psychic decline; the other side is the loss of our powers of reason. The pre-eminent characteristic of our present state is an insidious madness, and our most immediate need a return to reason.” - Maria Montessori, Education and Peace

As a community working toward the betterment of humanity - to confront our social ills, to heighten our own awareness, and to find common threads in a shared vision of the future, we would like to invite you, the members of Montessori 101, to link your favorite resources and articles in the comments here relevant to peace education, social justice, inclusiveness, nonviolent communication, cultural appropriation, privilege, ethics, and any other sub-topic that falls within this scope. Keep in mind as well that this list should not represent one locally based viewpoint or perspective but a global perspective, as Montessori 101 is a globally-based online forum. When you come here to read the resources that are suggested, please do so in order to educate yourself and with an open mind for contemplation and self-reflection. Everyone here is welcome to contribute to this project.

Please note that the links posted here may make you feel uncomfortable. This resource collection document is NOT a “safe space” and does not represent the opinions of the Montessori 101 group as a whole. It is to be used for education purposes only and is NOT a place to discuss, converse, reply, engage, or argue about the inclusion or exclusion of any of the links. All of the Montessori 101 Guidelines (found in our Files section) apply to this post as well. Any trolling of this thread, including comments containing emojis, GIFS, links to other groups, any and all conversations and discussions, and replies to comments will be deleted by the moderators. This document is simply a RESOURCE collection (preferably without a paywall or barrier to access), not the place for conversation.

Thank you all who have chosen to participate by providing the food for our thoughts, as we work to expand our collective knowledge about these deep and complex subjects.

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