Safe Cooking Considerations

In her earliest children’s houses Dr. Montessori gave children access to both real tools and pretend toys to undertake practical tasks. Through her work she found that children were not interested in pretend play when they could undertake a real practical task instead. This led to the removal of the pretend toys in prepared environments in favor of child sized tools.

This is especially true in the kitchen where children are invited to participate in preparing, cooking, eating, and cleaning real meals. In Montessori 101, we support children, from a young age, working in the kitchen. This includes the use of glassware, knives, and cooking with heat. It is up to each family to determine what tools their children are prepared to use.

However, members should not be shamed for allowing their children to take risks in the kitchen. Within the right prepared environment, and with the right modeling, children can very safely work in the kitchen.

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