Safe Sleep

Dr. Montessori recommended that babies and toddlers be given a safe and accessible floor bed that allowed them the opportunity for independence during naptime and nighttime. Therefore, a floor bed is commonly used in Montessori environments.

In our group, you may see many photos of mattresses set directly upon the floor, or in a bed frame. The photos posted by the parents in this group of floor beds are responsible for their own choices and do not reflect the opinions of the Montessori 101 admins or moderators.

Montessori 101, the admins, and the moderators are not liable for sleep related accidents and take no responsibility for the sleeping arrangements that families choose. Please, please do your research on infant, toddler, and child bed safety.

Here are some links to start your research:

AAP Guidelines:

FDA, Infant Sleep Positioners

The Guardian: The Truth About Sleeping With Baby

Kellymom, Safe Cosleeping

James McKenna, Safe Cosleeping:

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