Stuff You Need to Know about our Group

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For those of you who are new to Montessori, we want to share our group’s general collective view of Montessori and the young child.

Not all groups feel this way, but in Montessori 101...

  • We believe that Maria Montessori would have been in full support of breastfeeding, even (and perhaps especially) into the toddler years.

  • We believe that she would have joined the babywearing movement.

  • We believe that she would have espoused cosleeping if feasible and desired by both parent and child.

  • We believe that she never would have made a toddler walk if he/she didn't want to and was pleading so sweetly, "Uppy me, mama!" as young children so often do.

Maria Montessori was a tireless advocate of the child. She never would have said, "Do what I said to do for 100+ years and beyond because I said so and I'm the brainiest."

Instead, she said, "Follow the child." She kept pointing AWAY from herself and TOWARD the child in her lectures, quite literally!

She taught US how to be scientists and observers of children, and she wanted us to continue her work.

Friends, there is no 100% Montessori, ok? There is no real "purist." There is no "because Maria said so." There is no "I just don't do THAT part of Montessori."

If one Montessorian states a belief based on his/her research, it is not indicative of the entire method. Please, value that Montessorian's opinion on his/her own merit and interpretation.

It's just us, our babies, and our community as we continue to observe and research and read about what is best for children.

Montessori is simply "what's best for children" and that is truly the core of her method!

Maria had so much right about child development. She was WAAAAY ahead of her time. But she didn't nail it all. She couldn't! She lived so long ago before oh-so-many things happened!

We are all in this learning and growing together, and it is our job to continue HER WORK.

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