Play and Learn with Your Baby! 

Watching your baby learn and grow is one of the highlights of being a parent. Over just 12 months, your newborn will transform from a tiny, dependent creature into an active, expressive child. Celebrate that journey and find out what to expect along the way with Baby's First Year Milestones.

Child development expert Aubrey Hargis offers a warm, knowledgeable, and action-oriented introduction to the thrilling changes you can expect in the first year. 


In this book, you'll find...

  • Straightforward, comprehensive descriptions of major developmental milestones for every month of the first year
  • Over 150 age-appropriate activities that help you bond with your baby and encourage learning through play
  • Sidebars with extra insights and solutions for common problems
  • Prompts for notes and space to jot down favorite memories
  • Checklists of all major first-year milestones

150+ age-appropriate activities are outlined in the book, including... 

  • Tummy Cuddles

  • Bell and Ribbon

  • Splashy Kicks 

  • Color Hunt 

  • Mirror Peekaboo

  • Shake an Egg

  • Down Goes the Tower

  • Object Permanence Box 

  • The Pull-Up Place

  • Helicopter

  • Beanbag Bucket

  • Playing Detective

  • And many more


About the Author 

Aubrey Hargis, MEd, is an experienced parent coach and educational consultant best known for her empathetic approach and appreciation for the magic of childhood. As the founder of the Child Development Institute of the Redwoods, she creates online courses and coaches parents in compassionate discipline techniques and Montessori education. Aubrey lives with her husband and two children under a blanket of San Francisco fog, where the coastal cliffs and nearby redwood trails are always beckoning for another adventure. Baby's First Year Milestones is her first book.