Children can be incredible, infuriating, and intoxicating little beings. The bed-jumping at dawn, the tantrums, the grubby hands, the giggling in the bathtub, the plea for just one more story…

No doubt, raising a human into adulthood requires an awe-inspiring amount of energy, patience, and confidence.

And for modern parents, the challenges are unprecedented. We live in an ever-judgy, fast-paced society, yet children require the exact opposite -- the freedom to explore an idea without critique; the right to smell a dandelion for as long as she wants.

As parents, we can feel torn between the two forces. How do we know we’re getting it right? What if we can’t keep up - much less measure up!

Follow the Child

Here’s the good news. Every single behavior -- the giggles as well as the tantrums -- has a purpose. We just have to learn how to read it.

Better news still! It’s not an impossible task. If we follow the follow the child, we CAN foster their independence, compassion, resilience, ethics, self-discipline, and emotional self-regulation. The key -- embracing natural, mindful parenting based on unconditional love, respect, and acceptance.

My Journey

As a lifelong Montessorian, I am passionate about respectful child development. I’ve centered my professional career on supporting independence, strengthening relationships, and nurturing a love for learning.

As a parent, I’ve had all the ups and downs myself! I understand intimately the need for a sympathetic ear and fresh perspective during those rough moments. I am centered on creating and maintaining a personal parenting philosophy molded to the unique needs of the whole family.

Supporting Your Unique Journey

Wherever you are on your parenting journey -- from new baby to transitioning a 4 year old to a new routine -- I’m here to help. I've designed a one-on-one coaching program called Illuminate to support your work to make lasting changes in your routines.

The 6 - 8 week program will take you through the four phases of the Illuminate Method and includes four one-on-one live coaching sessions plus reflective activities and readings.

Together, we will talk about your family’s specific needs, your child’s stage of development, and your personal parenting challenges.

We’ll draft a plan to help you become the nurturing, confident parent you want to be. But we won't stop there. I’ll be cheering you on as you make these changes a permanent part of your life. Changing your parenting mindset is a collaborative experience! I am here to guide you along your journey!