Excellent! You are now enrolled!
Here’s what happens next.

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Hi, savvy friend!

First, your purchase of the 2019 course bundle with us is a special deal. It means you’re taking your need for inspiration and support seriously in the new year. It’s a real form of self care, so you should first acknowledge that inner motivation!

Second, we are just thrilled that you signed up! We need you to know that we are a small business and handle ALL of our enrollment and registrations “by hand”. Your name will go on the rosters for these 2019 courses:

1. Cultivating Spaces for Children
2. Pots and Pansies
3. Confidence in the Kitchen

And after that, we will be contacting you PERSONALLY to let you know all the details, making sure you are well prepared to join in each of the above classes.

For now, there’s nothing else you need to do! Enjoy the rest of your 2018 and we’ll chat more in January!

In excitement,
Aubrey & Nicole