Cultivating Spaces for Children: Orientation 


Part 1: Complete Your Registration


Congrats in taking the first step toward a more child-friendly home! We are SO excited that you decided to join us for this session. We can’t wait to learn more about you, your children, and your family’s spaces. This Welcome Page was created to help you get oriented to the course format. Take a few minutes now to learn how to join the Facebook group, and don’t forget to mark your calendars to remind yourself to attend the Live videos, participate in discussions, and complete assignments!


The entire course will be facilitated inside a Facebook group. You will be responsible for checking in daily to view new posts with articles, quotes, tips, inspiration, and suggested assignments. You must first be a member of the group. 

Make sure you answer the questions, letting us know if your Paypal email/name is the SAME as your Facebook username. If we don’t know who you are, we can’t add you to the course! When we verify your payment, we will admit you to the group. Sometimes this takes a bit of time, since we manually add everyone to the current roster. If there is a slight delay, please be patient with us. There will be no real activity or discussion in the group until the first day of class, so we promise you aren’t missing anything until Day 1. 


Every Monday inside the Facebook group, you will see a link to a Google Doc with your assignments for that week. Once you open this document, you will be able to type in it directly by saving a copy for yourself, or you can choose to print it out. It will be hashtagged #GUIDE


All of the video instruction will be streamed Live, right inside the group. These videos will not always happen at the same time, but we will schedule them 24 hours in advance so that you can plan ahead. For the first four weeks of class, there will be an instructional video group coaching session on Tuesday and an informal video group coaching Q&A session on Friday. They will be hashtagged #VIDEO

If you are not able to watch Live, this is no problem! Simply watch when it is most convenient for you and comment during the video. We will continue to respond to comments and questions after the video has been posted for replay. Replays will be available for the full 6 weeks of the course.


The Facebook group will be a vibrant, active community filled with inspiring quotes, discussion topics, motivational challenges, and more, posted daily. We ask that you “like” the posts as you read them, comment yourself on at least 5 posts, and reply 5 times to someone else’s comments every week. The more you participate, the more fun and dynamic the group will be!


If you have purchased Personal Feedback, this will be provided sometime during week 5 or 6 of the course. We will be contacting you with details and instructions on the exact days this will be available to you. 

Part 2: The Course Syllabus 

Weekend Introductions (January 26-27)

This weekend we will be getting to know each other, learning how the Facebook Live videos work in context of the course, and settling into our new community setting.

Saturday & Sunday - Introduce yourself to the community

Week 1: All Spaces Play (January 28 - February 3)

During this week, we will be talking about where your children mainly play - whether it’s a playroom, family room, living room, or basement. We’ll talk about how to select nurturing toys and we’ll give you steps for decluttering and decorating.

Monday - Review your Weekly Guide
Tuesday - Live Video Lecture for Play
Friday - Live Video Q&A for Play

Week 2: All Spaces Eat (February 4-10)

In this fun-filled week, we talk about the spaces where your children prepare their food and eat. From the kitchen into the dining room, through the chopping, the pouring, and the clean-up, we’ll design your food-related areas for success!

Monday - Review your Weekly Guide
Tuesday - Live Video Lecture for Eat
Friday - Live Video Q&A for Eat

Week 3: All Spaces Sleep (February 11-17)

A good night’s sleep starts with a soft, peaceful nest upon which to close one’s eyes and dream! In this week we’ll talk about all the places where your children nap and go to bed for the night.

Monday - Review your Weekly Guide
Tuesday - Live Video Lecture for Sleep
Friday - Live Video Q&A for Sleep

Week 4: All Spaces Bathe (February 18-24)

Rub-a-dub-dub goes the toddler in the tub, but where do all the bath toys go? In this week, we’ll be talking about self-care areas in your home, including hand washing, toileting, and bathing.

Monday - Review your Weekly Guide
Tuesday - Live Video Lecture for Bathe
Friday - Live Video Q&A for Bathe

Week 5 & 6: Working on All Home Spaces (February25 - March 10)

But wait, we’re not done, yet! You will use these two weeks to accomplish your goals, ask each other questions, and discuss your challenges and successes. Nicole and Aubrey will be available to offer support and answer questions. Videos and course discussions will remain available in the group for you to review anytime. If you have purchased the Personal Feedback option, it will happen sometime during these two weeks. We will be contacting you beforehand and giving you instructions. 

Last Day of the Course: Sunday, March 10, 2018

This is the last day for videos and course content. A course recap will be offered for additional purchase for those who would like a summary of the resources provided in the group discussions. After this time, the group will move forward together to focus on community support. We want you to use this 6 weeks to learn, plan, and push yourselves to make some changes in your homes. After the course ends, you will be left with a beautiful online community to continue to inspire and troubleshoot issues you are having in your spaces.

Part 3: Course Expectations & Privacy

Participants Rights and Responsibilities

Facebook: Participants must have access to Facebook to enroll in the community. Participants will receive access to a secret Facebook group upon enrollment. Access to this Facebook group will continue for as long as as participant chooses, unless a community standard is violated. Aubrey Hargis and Nicole Kavanaugh will moderate this Facebook group for six weeks from the start of the course. At the end of the six weeks, both Aubrey Hargis and Nicole Kavanaugh will no longer be available for group or individual support, and the community can decide how to move forward. If a participant chooses to leave the Facebook group early or if the participant’s access to Facebook is suddenly removed or suspended, there will be no course refunds.

Course Materials: Course materials will be available inside the group from the start date of the class. It is each participant’s responsibility to download or print the course materials during this time. Course materials will not be given to the participant in any other form following the completion of the course.

Privacy: All materials shared as a part of this course are subject to copyright. Participants may NOT share course materials in any form, for any reason. Sharing of course materials may lead to penalties under the law. Participants are also banned from sharing Facebook group discussions or pictures of others. This material must stay in the Facebook group. If a participant shares group materials outside of the group, the participant will be immediately removed from the course. 

Refunds and Removal: No refunds will be issued after a participant has enrolled in the course. If extenuating circumstances occur, including severe illness or a death in the family, a participant could be placed in another section of the course at a later date. Switching to another course will only occur at the discretion of Aubrey Hargis and Nicole Kavanaugh. Removal from the course without refund will occur immediately if a participant shares course content. Removal can also occur at the discretion of Aubrey Hargis and Nicole Kavanaugh for any violation of community standards.

Community Standards: Every participant in the course must abide by the following community standards:
• Participants will act with grace and courtesy within the group. This includes refraining from name calling, profanity, disrespect, and judgment.
• Participants will refrain from harassing behavior including soliciting members for any offer, sharing affiliate links of any kind, or posting content unrelated to the course within the Facebook group.
• Participants should remember that everyone is here to support each other on their Montessori journey. The Facebook group is not the place to fight or discuss topics unrelated to Montessori spaces.
• Participants will contact Aubrey Hargis or Nicole Kavanaugh privately via email or private Facebook message if they have a specific issue with the course or another participant. However, Aubrey Hargis and Nicole Kavanaugh are not available to answer specific questions about a participant’s Montessori journey or space in private unless the participant has paid for personal feedback.

Personal Feedback: Aubrey Hargis and Nicole Kavanaugh are happy to provide personal feedback on a participant’s space if the participant choses to purchase the Personal Feedback Option of the course. This option entitles the participant to personal feedback by Aubrey Hargis or Nicole Kavanaugh. This option can be purchased via the course website. The personal feedback option entitles the participant to an email from Aubrey Hargis or Nicole Kavanaugh. With this option, a participant will receive a follow up with personalized suggestions and feedback about the participant’s chosen space. Follow up emails with clarifying questions are permitted, however, additional feedback will not be provided in a follow-up.

Disclosures: Limitation of Liability. By enrolling in this course You agree that You are voluntarily and unequivocally waiving any potential claim against Aubrey Hargis and/or Nicole Kavanaugh for liability to You. We are not liable for damage or injury to persons or property arising from any use of any product, information, idea, or instruction in this course or contained in the other materials provided to You. SPECIFICALLY, WE ARE NOT LIABLE TO YOU FOR ANY DAMAGES, CLAIMS, DEMANDS OR CAUSES OF ACTION, DIRECT OR INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR PUNITIVE, AS A RESULT OF YOUR USE OF THIS COURSE OR ITS CONTENT.

Ownership: This course is conducted and owned by Child Development Institute of the Redwoods and Kavanaugh LLC.

Any Questions? Contact Aubrey ( or Nicole ( We’re here to help! 

P.S. Don't forget to join the group! We're waiting for you!