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I designed Homeschool of the Redwoods with busy parents in mind. You’ll get the guidance and resources you need to success throughout every step of the process.

Plus, you’ll become part of our great community of Montessori homeschoolers — other parents and caregivers working to bring a Montessori education to life in their homes!

Designed for Success

My eight-week Homeschool of the Redwoods course includes printable materials, learning journals, community resources, video lessons, and live group coaching sessions.

  • Live Group Coaching — Enjoy six live, interactive group coaching sessions plus unlimited replays during the entire course run

  • Video Lessons — Get unlimited access to a library of in-depth video lessons covering each of the six curriculum units

  • Monster List of Montessori Activities — Set yourself up for success using this invaluable course planning resource

  • Supply Lists and Learning Journals — Know what to buy, what to make, and what to focus on with your child

  • Community Support — Get community support from your fellow classmates in a private Facebook group I moderate

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What We’ll Learn

My 8-week/6-unit course focuses on the critical curricular areas for your 2.5 to 6 year old.

Unit 1 - R and R - Image.png

Unit 1: Rhythm & Routine

As we begin our adventure together, we will spend a bit of time settling into our new community setting. We will compare and contrast homeschooling to a classroom setting, try out some techniques for observing and documenting, and then get centered on a daily rhythm & routine that works for our own, unique families.

Unit 2 - Sensorial - Image.png

Unit 2: Sensorial & Music

Children are born with extraordinary sensitive eyes, ears, hands, and mouths, just waiting to explore the world! In this section, we’ll talk about each of the five senses and how to best engage them for cognitive development.

Unit 3 - Practical Life - Image.png

Unit 3: Practical Life & Art

It’s all about the practical! Everyday activities, such as watering a plant, pouring water, and preparing dinner can be enormous avenues for the development of fine motor skills, care of the self and the environment, and social awareness.

Unit 4 - Reading - Image.png

Unit 4: Language

Put on your “listening ears” because in this unit we’re going to get at the heart of how children learn to read and write! Hint: the ears lead the way, and the hands continue the process! (This is a 2-week study.)

Unit 5 - Math - Image.png

Unit 5: Mathematics

1-2! 3-4-5! 6 little bees in a big beehive! Counting numbers out loud is just the beginning. Just wait until we talk about how fun it is to add giant numbers like 9,357 + 3,819! (This is another 2 week study.)

Unit 6 - Cultural - Image.png

Unit 6: Geography & Science / Cultural Studies

The whole world will open up to your child when you introduce the subjects of geography, geography, zoology, and botany. We’ll talk about how these subjects are integrated with all the other areas to form the heart and soul of your homeschooling curriculum.

Continued Community Support

Course discussions will remain available in the group for you to review as needed. As we conclude our 8th week together, all members will be invited to pose questions to the community, share resources, and chat freely. The group itself will stay open as long as the community is active and engaged.

(This is your little homeschool club!)