Children never, EVER stop learning

From the moment they wake up to the very last second before those little eyes flutter closed, your child is receiving an EDUCATION.

Every moment your child is with you, you are TEACHING them.

don’t be intimidated!

Humans have spent centuries perfecting ways to teach each other. You are perfectly equipped to learn those techniques and foster your child’s lifelong love for learning.

I can help!

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A Course For Busy Parents of Busy Little Ones

I designed my Homeschool of the Redwoods course especially for parents of preschoolers (ages 2.5 - 6).

In it, you’ll work with other parents as we explore the best techniques for teaching, the scope and sequence for homeschooling with a Montessori mindset, and how to embrace the challenges and silly moments with the little people you love the best.

Above all, you’ll emerge both confident and enthusiastic as you embark on the homeschooling adventure with your child. 

  • You have (or will have) a 2.5 - 6 year old at home

  • You’re looking for curriculum/activities

  • You’re ready to have a plan of action


I’ll offer this course next in early spring 2020. This is a super popular course and can fill up quickly, so I strongly recommend that you get on the waitlist today. I’ll also send you a copy of my Homeschool Planner to help get you started!