Homeschool of the Redwoods

Homeschooling your child is an adventure you'll never forget! Parents choose to homeschool for many different reasons, and whether it's primarily a financial decision or because you've always wanted to give it a try, it helps to have a plan and a community to join you in the journey. 

In this guided course for parents of children aged 2.5-6, I will be talking about how children learn about the world, the best techniques for teaching, the scope and sequence for homeschooling with a Montessori mindset, and how to embrace the challenges and silly moments with the little people you love the best! 


Enrollment is now CLOSED for the August/September session.

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What's Included? 

  • Entrance to a private, facilitated learning community (Facebook group)

  • Weekly Live video coaching sessions with Aubrey, including both lectures and extra time for Q&A's.

  • Daily discussions and articles posted in the group forum

  • Global friendly: instant video replays available

  • Suggested activities for you and your child

  • Digital resources, including supply lists, book recommendations, essential lessons, and a comprehensive Toolkit for planning and record-keeping

What We Will Study

We will cover the subjects of routines & rhythm, sensorial, music, practical life, art, language, math, geography, science, and cultural studies. This will give you an overview of how to approach each of these topics for preschool-aged children. The ultimate aim of this course is to give you both confidence and enthusiasm as you embark on the homeschooling adventure with your child. 

Dates & Times 

The enrollment for the Fall 2018 session is now CLOSED. Sign up for the waitlist to get notified of the next session start dates. 

How It Works

When you enroll in the course, you will be directed to join a private Facebook group. To take the course with me, yes, you do need to have some kind of Facebook account because this will be our online classroom and the source of the downloadable resources. It's also where you'll watch the Live videos. On Monday, you'll jump right into group discussions and get centered on the week's topic. On Wednesday, you'll watch a Live group coaching video. New discussions, optional activities, and motivational quotes will be posted throughout the week. Extra video content and Q&A sessions will be made available as needed to troubleshoot specific questions. Yes, this is a global friendly format: you can ask questions ahead of time and afterwards if you can't make it Live!


About Aubrey

Hi! I'm Aubrey, and I've been teaching my own children at home using Montessori philosophy for the past 11 years. I have two elementary-age boys that I am still homeschooling. We live in San Francisco, California, and I absolutely love it here. When you learn to see child-led learning as a way of life, you see educational opportunities out in the world everywhere you go! 

I take a low-key, flexible, nature-centric approach. I am a full advocate of Montessori and other progressive methods of education. Career-wise, I have an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and a certification from the American Montessori Society for lower elementary. I taught in public schools for many years before choosing to stay at home with my own children. Believe me - an educational background gives you a lot of knowledge of child development and pedagogy, but it doesn't necessarily help you know how to teach your own children! The fields are similar but also very different. In this course I explain why and how. And I'll give you tips and tricks I've learned along my journey from other homeschooling parents. 

You don't need your home to look like a classroom or even to purchase the expensive materials you may have seen online in order to provide a Montessori education for your children. You are your child's first and most influential teacher, and I promise you -- you can do this! This is the course that I wish had been available to me when I had preschool-aged children. I'm going to be on your side the whole time, cheering you on, as you walk toward a successful approach to educating your child at home. 

Is this course for you? Here's what participants have to say...

If you are thinking about enrolling in the homeschool course then, quite simply, do it! When I saw this advertised I wasn’t sure about any aspect of the course - what it entailed, who was teaching, nor did I know whether I wanted to homeschool or not. But here I am on the other side, having completed the course, and I can quite honestly say this course has changed my (and my family’s) life completely. Aubrey Hargis is an enthusiastic, compassionate and inspiring lady. She truly embarks on this journey with you and guides you gently through, what can sometimes seem, an overwhelming philosophy. Week by week she delivers content-rich materials on each Montessori curriculum area in the form of hand-outs which contain assignments for the week, toolkit purchase lists and activities. These documents in themselves are so invaluable and give you a basis to work from in homeschooling your child to the best of your ability. The weekly tutorials and ‘question and answer’ sessions are unparalleled.

Aubrey holds your hand and gently walks you through the ‘Homeschool of the Redwoods’ and demonstrates how to practise the Montessori philosophy at home in an affordable, accessible and simple manner. Each week it was my highlight to tune in to the sound of this admirable lady who awe-strikingly presents her knowledge intertwined with her personal experiences, to give you a complete and enriched experience of what homeschooling your child will entail. The Facebook forum has given me the opportunity to converse with like-minded parents and we have built a rapport with one another which is heart-warmingly special.

I thank you, Aubrey, from the bottom of my heart for your time,your passion and your commitment to spreading the Montessori word. Your boys are so lucky to have such an incredible lady to call their Mummy and my girls are so blessed to have had your influence in their lives! Thank you!
— Sophie, mummy of a 2.8 year old and 4 month old
  Photo from class participant

Photo from class participant

This homeschooling course is exactly what you need if you are looking into homeschooling your children. I learned that Montessori in school and Montessori at home is not exactly the same. It may feel like a daunting task to have your child/ren’s education be in your own hands, with us trying to “do it all”, but Aubrey’s course made me feel like I could do it all. She makes it all look so simple! No, you do not need all the expensive materials for Montessori homeschooling. And yes, it’s still very much Montessori! She will tell you why!

She provides Toolkits of printouts each week, that is easy to follow, and has many editable choices to make your homeschooling plan uniquely yours. The Live Videos wherein she gives lectures and interacts with us were the highlights of my week! She makes learning something I look forward to every week. And this is what Montessori is about - cultivating and nurturing the love of learning, and she is exactly that. She will bring out the best in you. She will also promptly reply with insightful answers to any questions or comments you have in-between videos on the discussion boards in the private FB Group.

I highly recommend this course. It is definitely worth more than the price itself. I feel like I have gotten my money’s worth with just the first week of class. So do it!! You won’t regret it!
— Judy, mother of a 3 year old and 1 year old
  Photo from class participant

Photo from class participant

If you’re someone like me who loves the Montessori philosophy and method but has no idea how to put them into practice at home, then Aubrey’s course “Homeschool of the Redwoods” is a wonderful introduction. Her course covers all the subjects in detail and she often gives realistic and practical ideas or examples that non Montessori trained parents can carry out at home with confidence. I’ve used some of her suggestions on my 2.5yo daughter and have been very pleased with the outcome. Her course has also inspired me to observe more and enjoy my child’s learning process. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to grasp the essence of living and learning the Montessori way.”
— Justina, mom of a 2.5 year old
  Photo from class participant

Photo from class participant

When I first heard about this course, I immediately knew it was meant for me! As a self-taught Montessori parent I felt somewhat confident in using it at home with a baby or toddler, but when it came to 3-6 age and all the materials, it seemed like one big gray area. How would I ever make sense of it, where to even begin?! I would probably have to spend days and months searching online..
When I read in the introduction - learning happens everywhere and you don’t need to replicate a Montessori classroom at home, I knew this is what I need - because I have no space, no money.. and no need, really, for a classroom at home.

This was the first time I have ever taken such course, and my expectations were high.. But in reality this amazing course exceeded all what I had hoped for. First, of course, the amazingly friendly, welcoming and devoted Aubrey’s personality (I have no idea, how she does it!? It was like she was always present). Second was the high quality of the course, all the information and handout materials (I actually was surprised we got so much..). And the third was the amazing community of Montessori homeschoolers.

This course has cleared all my clouds and doubts, I feel like a totally confident Montessori homeschooling mom now. Montessori education for 3-6 does’t seem impossibly difficult anymore. Actually, it’s surprisingly easy. Because the course always managed to keep the right focus - which is, following the child. My child. The individual needs and interests of my children, fitting organically into our lives and into our home. Learning happens anywhere and everywhere, and with Aubrey’s guidance I can now see it and support it to my best ability.
— Asnate, mom of a 2.5 year old
  Photo from class participant

Photo from class participant


Frequently Asked Questions

When does this course begin? 

Sign up for the waitlist to get notified of the next start date.

What are the weekly topics covered in the course? 

We will be discussing daily routines in the first week, but after that, we will cover the main areas of study in the Montessori method, including sensorial, practical life, language, math, and cultural (geography, zoology, botany, music, and art). 

What if I can't attend the Live Videos?

No biggie. This course is designed to work well in any time zone. If you miss the Live videos, you'll be able to watch the replays at your leisure. Throughout the course, you'll check into the group forum to see inspiring quotes and participate in thoughtful discussion questions about the week's topics. 

Is Aubrey a Montessori certified teacher? 

Good for you for asking! Finding the right Montessori mentor these days online can be a bit of a challenge. Actually, I am Montessori certified, but not formally in 3-6. I have classroom teaching certifications for both 0-3 (NAMC) and 6-9 (AMS), but I've been studying the 3-6 curriculum since I was a little kid! Seriously. Not even kidding. I was also a public school teacher, certified PreK-8 (big range, I know!). I spent most of those years with Kindergarteners using Montessori philosophy in a traditional setting. But I'll tell you this out of sheer honesty: none of these certifications or classroom teaching experiences made me a better homeschooler. Mentoring by other homeschoolers is what taught me to effectively homeschool. If you'd like to know more about my love affair with Montessori and my qualifications, you might want to read my bio and my consultation page.  

Is Aubrey an experienced homeschooler? 

Again, kudos for asking! I've homeschooled my own two children from the beginining. My oldest is now 11. I'm not going to tell you I have all the answers, because every child is different, but I am happy to share my own journey and give tips and tricks of the trade. 

What is your teaching philosophy? 

I believe that children have the natural instinct and desire to learn. I believe that as adults, it's our responsibility to learn about how children develop and grow so that we can best support them. I believe in gentle discipline. I do not advocate for rewards or punishments. I believe that parents who are homeschoolers must see themselves as learning partners, not "schoolwork enforcers". I believe that given a significant amount of unstructured time to play outside and a prepared environment indoors that offers lots of opportunities for independence, children will embrace learning with joy for life. 

Does this course include Montessori albums? 

No. But first, let me tell you why. Montessori albums / manuals were designed to be used by classroom teachers with information specific for setting up a classroom environment. The entire 3-6 curriculum materials are displayed on all of the shelves all of the time, and the teacher perfects the art of giving specific lessons on these materials. Most Montessori albums are simply collections of the student teacher's notes from their certification program. I do not believe that this approach is helpful to most homeschoolers who do not need all of the materials in a contained classroom. Guess what YOU need? An "album" for YOUR needs. Let's create it together!  

I've already bought Montessori albums. Is this course for me?

The expensive albums you see online can give you information about the Montessori method, but they will not tell you how to apply these lessons in the home. If you do own a set of albums, they will likely be a valuable resource for you - just as valuable as a well-written book or collection of activities to do with children. In fact, in this course, I'll be encouraging you to invest in many resources to have at your disposal, most of which can be obtained for free at your public library or for cheap at a used bookstore or online. 

So if this course isn't about albums, what is it about?

We're going to be talking about what homeschooling looks like in real life. While you won't receive "albums", you'll receive plenty of clear and concise instructions on what and how to teach preschoolers and kindergarteners and how to capitalize on teachable moments. We'll be going through the scope & sequence of all of those classic Montessori lessons for the 3-6 age group (yes, the ones you see in albums!), and we'll talk about what to invest in, what to DIY, and what to skip.

Is this Montessori training for classroom teachers? 

No, this is only for parents who are actually wanting to homeschool or who intend to do so in the next year - whether in your own home with your children or in a small co-op setting with other homeschooling families. This is not a professional development course for daycare providers, prospective classroom teachers, or teaching assistants. If you are homeschooling your own children alongside some other children you are also caring for, this is a fine place to start.