Planning Shouldn’t Overwhelm You


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    We can plan your Montessori Homeschool in 20 minutes a month with a simple, no-fuss, streamlined approach.

    I know you’re busy. I’m craaaazy busy too.
    but you totally have 20 minutes a month. You can do this!!


    I'm Aubrey, mama to two boys, a full-time Montessori-certified homeschooler, and I'm utterly planner-obsessed.

    I've tried all kinds of planning and documentation methods, and I know which ones work well and which are unrealistic for parents of 2.5-6 year olds. This is my tried-and-true, favorite-ever format.

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    Use your new planner to…

    • Re-design your perfect family homeschooling routine every month with a mini-workbook

    • Pencil in important events on a monthly calendar (two options: Monday or Sunday start dates)

    • Document your mornings, afternoons, and evenings with weekly record planning sheets

    • Stay motivated and intellectually engaged with quotes from Maria Montessori.

    • Start anytime. It’s undated, so there’s lots of flexibility here.

    Let’s be planner obsessed together!

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