It's a way of life

Maria Montessori discovered some astounding universal truths about the development of children that revolutionized our view of what “education” should look like for the entire span of human life. When our children are born, they have the instinct and desire to learn all about their world - we just have to be ready to tap into it! This is something that transcends the walls of classroom. Montessori is a way of being with children - a respect for their very nature. Embracing Montessori philosophy is often a life-changing experience.

You Make the Choice 

We are in the unique position to begin this education right from birth, supporting our children as they grow. The way we talk and the types of toys and activities we offer them have a dramatic affect on the way they view themselves and their world for the rest of their lives. When we choose Montessori, we are choosing to follow the child and not some prescriptive system.   

Confused? You’re not alone.

Information about Montessori abounds on the internet. This is a wonderful thing because now this beautiful understanding about the nature of children is growing in leaps and bounds! Montessori schools are becoming ever more popular, and homeschooling using the Montessori approach suddenly has become feasible in a way that it never has before! Unfortunately, as much wisdom as can be gained through blogs and social media, the internet is also a wilderness including a lot of misinformation. How do you know if something is the “real deal”?

I can help. Here’s why.  

  • I’ve been a Montessori advocate for as long as I can remember! Not only did I get to attend Montessori schools myself through elementary, I was fortunate to be able to help in the creation of a brand new Montessori school merely blocks from my house. Thus began a life-long love affair with the method.
  • I have professional experience teaching in both public, traditional schools and private, Montessori schools. I am a fully certified Montessori teacher through AMS, and I also have a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction.
  • I'm a parent who has chosen to raise two children (now both elementary age) and homeschool them using Montessori, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • I'm active in the global Montessori community, teaching online courses, and as the creator of a vibrant and quickly-growing Facebook group, Montessori 101. 

What You Need to Know

I don't play elitist, exclusive games when it comes to Montessori. I feel passionate and knowledgeable about what an authentic Montessori practice looks like in the classroom. I also believe deeply that the heart of Montessori can become a regular part of your home, daycare, or other non-traditional setting. I am confident that Montessori can be fully implemented with a complete DIY approach - because the biggest, most worthy investment we make is not in a material item but in the way we see life from the child's perspective. Self study can take you halfway. A mentor can get you all the way there. 

Ask me about 

  • Preparing an environment for your new baby

  • Identifying and using Montessori-friendly toys/activities

  • Creating a child-friendly, Montessori-inspired home for your toddler/preschooler

  • Presenting Montessori lessons / activities - the tips and tricks of the trade

  • Understanding the basics of Montessori (an introduction to Maria Montessori, her method, and the many benefits of this approach). 

  • Selecting a quality Montessori school

  • Troubleshooting an issue at your child’s school 

  • Homeschooling preschool or elementary age children

  • Implementing a Montessori-inspired approach in a daycare or other setting

  • Facilitating "toilet learning", a developmental approach to potty training your child.

  • Not on the list? Tell me about your situation.

How it Works

My rate is $97 for an hour-long consultation session. I am completely open to splitting it into two thirty minute phone or video calls, doing the entire session via chat/text/email, or a combo. We can work that out together based on what you feel would best meet your needs. Contact me at the link below. I'm excited to work with you!