…because there are No Dumb Questions

(about Montessori): A Live Q & A

...because all Montessori questions are worthy! In this Live Group Coaching Session, I talked about the Montessori way to disipline your child, homeschooling, how to tell if a Montessori school is an authentic program, and much more!

My co-teacher Nicole was sick tonight (BOO) and I forgot to hit the right button for the first 15 minutes (BOO) but we had a fun and vibrant session once things got going! Watch and laugh with me at the blooper in the beginning of this video and then get serious with me as we talk about Montessori as a way of life.

Click on the video image below to see the recording.

Here are a few of the resources mentioned in the video:

For disciplining your toddler the Montessori way, you can check out my book on Toddler Discipline, the Positive Discipline series of books (Jane Nelson), the fantastic Whole Brain Child and No Drama Discipline books (Tina Bryson & Dan Siegel), and Dr. Laura Markham’s Peaceful Parenting books. They are all very Montessori-aligned.

For help with bedtime routines, I write a lot about this in my Toddler Discipline book, but if you want to read a whole book JUST on this topic I recommend Elizabeth Pantley’s work - the No Cry Sleep Solution series. And it’s not just for babies. She has a bedtime troubleshooting book for toddlers and preschoolers, too.

To learn more about authentic Montessori programs, peruse the AMI and AMS websites. Read this guest post article written by my friend Andrea for clues that will tell you whether a school is “Montessori” or not.

Homeschoolers: have confidence! You are already your child’s favorite teacher. I have nothing but the greatest admiration for how you are already raising your children. If you want to take your parenting to it to the next level and call it homeschooling, I am very excited to be on this journey with you. If you don’t know the three period lesson, now would be a great time to learn.

Finally, COURSES. So many of you asked!

Go here to learn more about my online courses for parents: Homeschool of the Redwoods, Cultivating Spaces for Children, Your Toddler’s Potty Plan, Pots & Pansies, Confidence in the Kitchen, and 14 Days to Montessori Play.

Thanks for hanging out with me. Feel free to email me anytime (I love seeing new messages in my inbox!) And I’ll see you in the next workshop!