Help, My Kid Is a Whiner!

Help, my kid is a whiner podcast

But whyyyyyy?! And what do we dooooooo?! Your child's whining has a cure, but it's not what you think.

When children whine, it can make any reasonable parent feel irritated, and I promise you I have been there, done that, and learned lots.

As we dive in to this topic, I want to share a letter with you from a loving, empathetic mama who could use a wee bit of help in this parenting department.

There really is a key to stopping the whining long term: take the time to interpret your child's behavior and then respond to it without encouraging more of it.

I'll go into what NOT to do and then give you several discipline strategies that are both gentle and effective. The next time your child whines about something, you'll have a solid plan.

I'll leave you with some inspiration to try out a sand tray with your child, a lesson you can do at home with your toddler or preschooler.

Come join me as we follow the child and find the calm.


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Montessori Parenting Tips for Whining

  • Whining is developmentally normal. There are good reasons why your child is whining!

  • Your child doesn’t want to whine either. It is a physical manifestation of the inner turmoil going onn inside.

  • You don’t have to just grin and bear it. Stay calm and focus on what your child is really trying to say to you when she whines.

  • Whining back does not work! Don’t do it.

  • Don’t let whining become a habit for your child: teach her other strategies to use in order to get your attention.


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