Aubrey Hargis, Montessori Parenting and Homeschool Expert

Let’s face it

Parenting isn’t for the faint of heart. Most of us have a hard-enough time taking care of ourselves.

Add raising little ones into the mix and… well… we’re talking awe-inspiring levels of energy, patience, and confidence. 

And it’s not like the world is making things easier. It just seems to be getting faster, messier, harder, more judgy, more scheduled. 

No wonder we’re so stressed out!

But take a deep breath, mama, ‘cause there’s some good news.

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In Montessori, we call it Following the Child, and it’s the bedrock of my approach to child development and discipline. It comes down to three, research-backed steps.

We observe the child

First, we observe the child.

We  interpret  what we’re seeing.

Second, we interpret what we’re seeing.

We  add  the right supports.

Third, we add the right supports.

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When we follow the child, we find the calm.
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Let’s Do This!

Aubrey Hargis, Founder and CEO

I’m a working mom, just like many of you. I get how rough the journey can be. And while there are no simple answers, there are things that can make it easier and better!

I want to share them with you.

I’m a Montessorian, homeschooler, parent coach, and educator.

As the founder of the Child Development Institute of the Redwoods and the Montessori 101 community, I’ve supported millions of parents from around the world on their journeys. I’ve authored two best-selling books on child development. And I’ve helped thousands through my group coaching experiences.

We can do this! Are you ready?

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Aubrey Hargis, Founder and CEO

Aubrey - founder, writer, dreamer

Aubrey Hargis, M.Ed. is a parent coach and educational consultant best known for her empathetic approach and appreciation for the magic of childhood. As a life-long Montessori advocate and AMS certified former classroom guide, her passion has always been to bring Montessori into the mainstream.

As the founder of the Child Development Institute of the Redwoods, she creates online courses and coaches parents in compassionate discipline techniques and Montessori education.

Aubrey lives with her husband and two children under a blanket of San Francisco fog, where the coastal cliffs and nearby redwood trails are always beckoning for another adventure. 

At her side almost all of the time is a messy composition book, filled with all of her inspirations and big dreams for Child of the Redwoods, which are becoming more of a reality every day.

Loves: toddler footprints, the smell of the forest floor, silk pillowcases

Kari Ewert-Krocker, Administrative Assistant

Kari - administrative specialist

Kari Ewert-Krocker is Aubrey’s right hand and helps to make all the big dreams possible through the power of efficiency.

From social media to course roster management, from editing to outreach, Kari keeps all things Child of the Redwoods on the right railroad track. If something needs organizing and is time-sensitive, Kari is on it!

Hailing from Ohio, Kari is an AMI certified Montessorian for ages 3-6 and a mom of two littles.

Loves: sewing, singing in the car, learning new things

David Hargis, Operations

David - operations

David Hargis is an educator and technologist from San Francisco. Most importantly, though, he’s Aubrey’s husband!

Between homeschooling two elementary-age boys in the city and providing operations support to Child of the Redwoods, David works full-time in product development.

Loves: hiking, Disneyland, music

Our Mission

One of our most sacred duties as a society is the nurture and support of our youngest members along their journeys to adulthood. This is not a static experience. Both the child and our society are in states of constant evolution; as the child grows and changes, so, too, does our culture and society.

To ensure each child has the resources she needs to succeed in whatever world she inherits, we must focus on the needs of the whole child - intellectual, emotional, psychological, physical. The Child Development Institute of the Redwoods is dedicated to this mission.

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