Making the Decision to Homeschool

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Is homeschooling an ideal option? As a former public and Montessori private school teacher, I didn't think so.

Neither did my husband David. Both of us came from teacher-centric families in support of the public school system.

But then we had children, debated about whether to send them to preschool, and finally just jumped into homeschooling and haven't looked back.

Now, with two elementary aged boys, we're going full steam ahead year by year.

I want to introduce you to the love of my life and homeschool partner, my husband David.

This is our homeschool story.


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Tips for Beginning Homeschoolers

  • Homeschooling is never something that just one parent does. It’s a family choice.

  • You don’t have to know exactly what curriculum you’re going to use.

  • As experienced teachers, we can tell you that homeschooling works totally differently than teaching in the classroom.

  • Homeschooling doesn’t really begin or end with a certain date like “going to school”. The education of your child begins at birth and never ends, no matter whether your child stays at home to learn or attends a school away from home part of the time.

Why We Chose Homeschooling for our Children

  • We wanted our children to have a Montessori education, but private school tuition was unaffordable for us.

  • We wanted our children to have a different kind of education than we had as children ourselves.

  • We both are supporters of public schools, our moms were both passionate teachers (30+ years!), and when we became parents, we grabbed the opportunity to teach our own children.

  • We were thrilled to have the support provided by the homeschooling community and fell in love with the lifestyle after moving across the country.

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