Working and Homeschooling...At The Same Time?!

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So you want to homeschool. And you need to bring in an income. And you have BIG DREAMS for your career.

Is it possible to do it all? Can you actually successfully homeschool your child and work at the same time?

The days of the self-sacrificing housewife-slash-homeschooler with only a vested interest in the future of her offspring are gone, my friend. Today’s homeschooling parents are often highly educated and motivated.

Plus, with the robots presumably taking over the menial tasks of the world, don’t you think it’s time we adult humans reconsidered the meaning of the word “work”?

In this episode, I share my own experiences as a working, homeschooling mama with many, many passions in work, life, and school.

The Montessori Magic for today is a SECRET. Listen to find out.

And remember: education is a journey we take with our children! And it’s worth it!


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  • There is no one right way to homeschool. When you start comparing your journey to your friend’s (or some random mama’s on IG), you lose. Don’t compare! That way you can WIN.

  • Remember that doing ALL the things is a myth--as is BALANCE. I lean in and follow passions and my gut, and when things feel too hard, I assess what I need to let go.

  • Find your rhythm. One season, one year can be different than the next.

  • I take long breaks from one project to work on another, by putting other tasks on autopilot. 

  • Sometimes you need outside support! This might be at home, taking turns being point parent with your spouse, or having a grandparent come help; it could be professional, having someone take on tasks that do not need micromanagement or direction.

  • Set up a workspace that allows you to flow back and forth between tasks and checking in with your children.


  • How do you define work? I define it broadly: what I do to bring in money, but also continuing to challenge myself intellectually. Part of my work is also caring for the children and our home. Part of my work is going on hikes and getting outside! Paid or unpaid, it is all work. Knowing what this means to you is important.

  • What are your expectations? Are they too high?

  • Sometimes homeschooling is smooth, but sometimes it’s not--and it’s like that in the classroom, too. Observe your child (and yourself!) and adjust.

  • Homeschooling is already a FULL-TIME job.

  • You need to decide who will be responsible for the children when you are focused on yoru work. It’s very important that you have a backup plan for when a big work project comes up and the homeschooling simply must take a backseat. The reverse is true as well. When you are 100% focused on the children, who is helping you with the work-tasks? Without those in place, things get overwhelming.

  • Could your local homeschooling community be a part of the support network that helps your rhythm work? How about a babysitter or a nanny?

  • Can work happen either earlier in the morning, or later at night? Is that sustainable for you?

  • Will drawing in an income be easier to incorporate when your children are just a little bit older? Can you hold out for a few years?

Montessori magic:

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